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Let NO ONE marvel if in speaking of new dominions (ideas) both as to prince and state (mentality) I bring forward very exalted instances, for \"men\" walk almost always in the paths trodden by others, proceeding in their actions by imitations. Not being always able to follow others exactly, nor attain to the excellence of those he imitates, a prudent man should always follow in the path trodden by great men and imitate those who are most excellent, so that if he does not attain to their greatness, at any rate he will get some tinge of it. He will do as prudent archers, who when the place they wish to hit is too far off, knowing how far their bow with carry, aim at a spot much higher than the one they wish to hit, not in order to reach this height with their arrow, but by help of this high aim to hit the spot they wish to.

Excerpted from: Machiavelli, The Prince

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I love the way I feel, It keeps me happy thinking that a blog can be used as a kind of guide holding answers about "what it takes" going in of different levels, like playing chess to reach the growing demand for a plan that will enable its student readership to add to the element of personal development and instruction for regular intervals distributing mobetta' to corresponding work and creativity.

Let me lay it down what it do to me, it bring me joy knowing it has been said that it is more blessed to give than to receive. On that token note, today nothing is going to come between the opening sharing likewise and breaking it down to help others see it is better to teach than to learn, for to give is the best way to get and to teach is the best way to learn the real..

Sometime little is observed the way self education is a blessing, how its useful insight can be as an instrument or like instructions through self analyzing every thing of value, that sensing as such, it can truly be a concern to one's very own life and business.

The man or woman who teach he/him or herself through the best means and ways at his or her own command, be it a blog, a book, other people, experience; this all has enhanced -if not double the advantages, and as he or she is both giver and the receiver "the entity" is recognized as the one who accomplish things. What's my name? I am 1 bad promoter

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Sweet Ladies,

Hello there now! It\'s like I\'m dreaming being here with y\'all! What else can I say, It\'s a new year, we are in 2015!I\'m excited and you are everything that is, your thought-process, your life and its style, you are your dreams coming true. You are unlimited as the endless sky and universe and I don\'t wanna waste no time looking for a mobetta way to say it!

Kindly let me introduce myself if you ready for the year and reading this. I don\'t care if you just started working on yourself to get you together. I am Walt. I here to get paper. I came to do what I do. Please forgive me if I am haste thus, I wanna get down to business and I also want to have some fun! I don\'t wanna rush you while I put it in your faces, I came to do what I do, expect y\'all are welcome just like me on planet earth to get paper, even to get it with me if you open and I wanna lot of it! Stating that... Dropping a little book smarts -

\"STRESS\" has recently become a popular word in our language. We speak of this as the age of stress. Worry, anxiety, insomnia, stomach ulcers have become accepted as a necessary part of the world in which we live.

Yet, I am convinced that it does not have to be that way. We could relieve ourselves of a vast load of care, anxiety and worry, if we could but recognize the simple truth, that our Creator made ample provisions for us to live successfully in this and any other age by providing us with a built-in creative mechanism.

Our trouble is that we ignore the automatic creative mechanism and try to do everything and solve all our problems by conscious thought, or \"forebrain thinking.\"

The forebrain is comparable to the \"operator\" of an electronic brain, or any other type of servo-mechanism. It is with the forebrain that we think \"I\" and feel our sense of identity. It is with the forebrain that we exercise imagination, or set goals. We use the forebrain to gather information, make observation, evaluate incoming sense-data, form judgments.

But the forebrain cannot create. It cannot \"do\" the job to be done, any more than the operator of an electronic brain can \"do\" the work.

It is the job of the forebrain to pose problems and to identify them- but by its very nature it was never engineered to solve problems.

Excerpt from book: Psycho-cybernetics

If your problem last year was stress, don\'t STRESS! You never stress, especially in 2015 and especially if you here to get paper! I know this is really tempting when daily life can make you feel stress is as much a necessity as getting and having bread. But when you got a little money and can not feed the way you wanna,dress out like you wanna or broke; you know what you feel inside and stressing about it don\'t help when you worry. Do not hurt yourself with mental pain.

Know. We, sweet ladies (and gents) literally \"create\" experiences. Sometime change can be hard, sometime it is hard to be changed. I know what I\'m talking about and figure if we can create our own experiences then we must be able to control them too! Except we ought not become afraid to force our own senses\' to work for us, to surrender to the work of our own hearts, our own hands and soul. (Think about it)

Ready or not. I came to do what I do, which is more than share a piece of insight that I\'ve acquired studying information, because that is passive. Right now of what is important is being in the moment and getting more out of life with the time you are today. as if you can reach the sky and touch the stars.

Sweet Ladies, what it takes to make paper when life for most of us should be pretty good, is not stress, but \"experience.\" And to literally experience and to take advantage of everything life offers you- you must create the feeling first!

Most of us want to have success and to be happy but few see when we experience anything and I don\'t care what it is, we must also create the way we respond; the way we walk, the way we look and the way we talk to the information we receive.

Have you ever wondered, then, why things work and other times work not at all? Let me know your thoughts, and remember NO STRESSING! -1 bad promoter

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In 1995 I was Minnesota's first death penalty eligible defendant pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 848 (e) (1). The then Attorney General Janet Reno decided against putting me to sleep, and I was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for Murder in Furtherance of a Continuing Criminal Enterprise.
My background in wheeling and dealing in the underworld are fairly extensive, and were reproduced in a docu-drama entitled, 'No Remorse' that aired on Discovery Channel's FBI Files. i understand that a bullet through the head or a knife in the heart elicit the instant result of death. Both of which are respected under the gleaming light of gangsterdom, the street- lit industry and Hollywood.
But where all frowns meet the surface in true life or fiction is when murder is committed by mouth. The tongue holds massive amounts of venom, from Judas to Deep throat (Watergate), no matter how powerful you become, there is always someone who can bring you down.
In the American justice system informants are being used at an all time high, and their stories have vicarious appeal for readers of all ages and races. Although there have been very few novels written with this setting in the past decade. What distinguishes The Snitch from 99.9 percent of novels written on this topics, it is completely conceivable.
The manuscript is written completely from the viewpoint of one of the main characters, Shanally Lamar Robinson III, aka Sazzar who is the snitch. The story-line is divided into several areas of the snitch's story as he relates back to his meeting with the main protagonist, Jeffery Alexander Lane, aka Six, and the love of his life Tina Lane. Six is a brilliant sixteen year-old who will stop at nothing to elevate himself and his military-trained surrogate family from the bottom of society's ladder to the very top. Together they commit a series of daring robberies during their senior year in high school that rival the bank robbery in 'HEAT' and the death and destruction of 'SWORDFISH' culminating into one of the greatest unsolved crimes in American history.
Unsolved that is, until one of the members of his team, Sazzar "The Snitch' is arrested. Triggered by his biased sense of self preservation, Sazzar violates the moralistic code of his team and lets loose the pressure of his vocal pipes (rats) to a federal prosecutor. I promise you, from the first page to the last. 'THE SNITCH' is a non-stop read full of twists, turns and an ending you won't see coming, that is guaranteed to have readers searching the web-site for part two.
Family and friends, I am coming to you for launch THE SNITCH! Black Market Publications (BMP) a company that I started with my partner, Gwendolyn Wesley, is the publisher, and the publishing date was September 4, 2014. the cover (and the contents) are terrific all 439 pages of it; feedback from readers are excellent and can be viewed on BMP's website in the review section,
Its posted on, Amazon Europe, Create Space estore, create Space Direct and Kindle. We at BMP are mounting a media campaign for papers, magazines, radio and the internet that will cover several months. But its my friends, family and colleagues that will help the most and make the difference.
if any of my new friends know anyone in the media, producer, a writer affiliate with any paper, radio show, or if you just happen to be passing by a book store...could you inquire about my book? Even if they don't carry it, it creates groundswell.
BMP as well as my facebook page has a link to, and Smashwords. Please feel free to forward/email this to anyone in your circle and address book, the more the better! Why not even go global! With your help that is possible.

Please support us by buying the book at

Thank you so much. With great appreciation, Jeffery L. Barnes, and Gwendolyn Wesley.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z have hit the road together for the ‘On The Run’ tour. Colors. Lights. Dancing. Rapping. It’s a spectacle to behold to be sure. And it better be with tickets in most markets at $80 (before fees) just to get in the door.
The show debuted in Miami and someone’s dutiful camera-phone work caught a most bootiful sight indeed.

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Today is a big day for people that are in Federal Prison and a big day for the ones that have drug cases. Today they are voting on the Drug minus 2 Amendment, the Smarter Sentencing Act, the Recidivism Reduction and other things that the Legislations are looking into. All these US Sentencing Amendments are things that can help lower time on these harsh sentences that are being given or stop the searches that are being done. The US Sentencing Commission will be voting on the Amendments today at 2:30 p.m. There are many of us that are going to be waiting on the results to be given to us via FAMM, Att. Jeremy Gordon or other sources that are available to us. Things like this gives some hope to lowering the harsh sentences that was given to unjust drug cases with mandatory minimum. I know that what I am saying might not mean much to you and you might not understand it so I am going to give you a little run down and I am going to use me as an example. I was sentenced to a very high amount of time due to me going to trial and not wanting to plea guilty to something that I didn't do. I understand that a lot of people say that in prison, but I feel that my case is a little different. I am charged with a lot of drug distribution charges (crack and cocaine) but I have never sold drugs before. I "could" be guilty of something else but selling drugs that one I pass that is not me. They used the word "CONSPIRACY" to hold me to charges that were my co- defendants' alone but to give him a higher sentence and connect me to him conspiracy is all that they needed. Like I have stated before conspiracy can hold a wide range of things on you and knowing or not knowing you can still be held accountable for them. When you have the conspiracy charge plus drug your level is much higher too. Levels is a point system that they go with to classify you in a category to be sentenced under. It takes into consideration your back ground, the charge, the drug, the amount of drugs and things like that. Crack is held at a different ratio cause of the 1984 100:1 ratio amendment, that has changed within the years to 20:1 now at 18:1 but it is still a very unfair ratio. So with that all that being said knowing a person that is charged with drugs can receive a minus 2 level and it can lower their sentence by like 11 months to 5 years could be a big W. So for me and others today could be a good day if the votes go in favor for the Amendments. If you would like to check it out and see a little more about what I am talking about you can go to and click on the "comments now" button and check it out for yourself plus read a little bit a bout the things that are going on. It never hurt to be aware of what is going on around you.

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Today I went to commissary and some times I feel like I am just giving them my money. The BOP prices are ridiculous. Sometimes I feel it is all a money scam. We work for nothing and have to fend for ourselves and nothing plus nothing don't equal to something. How can you work for 12 cents an hour or day and afford to bye soap every week. And here in Alabama they pay us $5.45 a month on most jobs. I went today and I got just a few things matter of fact I am going to name them just to show you how crazy this mess is. I got pads not always($5.45), tampons not name brand either ($6.10), toothpaste, soap, and a deodorant. Snacks like chips, tea, mango bites, cup fruits, oatmeal, and cereal then I got the processed stuff to cook if I want to and that consist of, chicken, sausage, turkey sausage, cheese and small things like that. Reminding you that all the things that I am naming is snack size, there is nothing that is bigger the snack size here servings are one portions. Now when you look at that how much do you think that cost? It all can fit in one wal-mart plastic bag. Well my total way $88.65 for that little bit of stuff. So now look at how much we get paid and how long it would take me to save just to afford the things that I need. With out outside help you are F**ked with no Vaseline. So what happens you go into survival mode and go back to what you know and that is getting it by all means HUSTLING. These women are so talented that they do all kinds of things like, drawing, sowing, painting, hair, feet, they take it to the max and wash others cloths, cook plates, become workout trainers, pen-pal and what ever you can think of for them to make money in here. Some times the things that theses women do is so talented that I wonder do they think of using their talents at home. This one lady in here she draws portraits of peoples family members and that is her livelihood in here. She is so nice with it but when I asked (and you know I did) she said she don't do it at home. People do all kinds of things to make it in here but they do only what comes natural to make it "HUSTLE". Prices are outrageous and again I say nothing plus nothing don't make something. What did Rick Ross say? Everyday I'm Hustling. That is so true.

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When I was smaller and even when I got older my mother had this thing about saying, "Thank you" up in the air. As a child I used to say it cause my mother used to say it, every morning and every night before she would go to sleep. I never understood it and I never questioned it cause it was something that my mother used to do all the times, so I thought that it was something that you had to do every now and then. I even remember when bad things would happen to my mother she would say thank you too. It took me till I was older to sit an think about why she used to do, so I asked her to make sure that was right. When I did my mother told me that her grandmother told her when she was a little girl that you have to always say thank you regardless of what happens, good or bad cause nothing is promised to you. Just to thank "HIM" for the day that wasn't promised to you is the best thing that you can do everyday. She said that Nana (her grandma my great-grandma) told her that so much that she believes it and so it is something that she took and she uses everyday and I should too. I have always liked when my mother told me little things like that about my Nana and my Pop-Pop. They were the best people in the world to me. Well yesterday you know that I was feeling some type of way about the lady so went and put music on my player just to give me a little piece of mind. Still say Thank you, by Smokie Norful came up when I put the word Thank you in so I got it. Still say Thank you is a song that I just got on my playlist and I am loving it. Everything that my Nana told my mother is everything that the song is saying. Again songs tell stories and can tell you how you feel with out you noticing till you listen to them. I got a new favorite gospel song to add to my list. (smile ;))

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Last night I cried so hard that I still just can't help but talk about it. I was sitting at the table yesterday writing and getting all my things together to mail out like I do every weekend and this lady came up to me and asked me for help with some of her homework cause she always see me writeing or reading. I agreed and when I looked at the papers that she had they were about 5th or 6th grade work. When she seen me looking at it she noticed my face and proceeded to tell me her little story. To make a long story short she told me that when she was younger that she failed kindergarten as a child, 2nd grade twice and the 6th grade twice too, so then she dropped out of school in the 6th grade. She said that when she got taken away from her mother and went to foster care that they made her go back to school. At the age of 16 she was still in the 6th grade. She said that the school pushed her up to the 8th and half way threw she dropped out an never went back. Why didn't no one take the time out to help is all I was thinking? I asked her what was her biggest problem and she told me reading cause the letters look funny to her and backwards. I am no Doctor but I would say that that is like dyslexic or something. It really hurt me that she was like 30 something and no one has ever really noticed or tried to help not even the school system when they pushed her threw. So I had to ask more questions like how did she get around, how did she sign important documents, how did she know what to buy in the stores and things like that. She told me that she remember colors, signs, and the lettering things like that and when it comes to signing things she just scribbled her name and never read anything and it works. I really couldn't belive it. I told her that any time that she needed help she could come to me and I will always do my best to help her in what ever it is that she needs. We did her work and the great thing is that she really wants to learn now plus she said that she wants her G.E.D before she goes home in 2 years. So again I took it upon myself to ask why now? And she said that she got kids and she don't want them to be like her. To me that is a big step and a big women to lead by example. But in the end it still hurt me cause there are so many women that are like her. Is all the systems failing us?

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Have you ever met someone and they just aggravate you to the max and you don't even know why? Or you don't even know a person and you don't like them but you can't put your finger on why either. You can't be mean to them cause they haven't done anything to you but you want to cause of the way that you feel. Or you try to be their friend and in the end that person ends up doing you wrong and you think back to the way that you were feeling the first time that you meet that person. Let me get a little deeper. People tell you so many bad things about a person that you have never met but you still give them a chance cause they haven't done you wrong and then they do everything to you that the people was telling you. (SMH) I get like that sometimes with people and my grandmother used to tell me that that is like a 6 sense and that I should always follow that when it comes to people. Some times I listen when I am feeling real strong about a person and sometimes I don't. I still feel that you have to always give a person a chance sometimes. And sometimes that me trying to be "oh so friendly" kicks me in the ass and hard too. I have a beautiful smile that is very welcoming some times but I do have that frown or that look that say don't "F' with me too. When them eyebrows go down just let me be cause it is not going to be good for the home team. I think after all these years I should know when to use what but some times I mess up we all do. I wonder why I don't go with my fist mind on things sometimes? Why do I have to push the envelope? I guess I am never to old to learn the hard way. Your first mind is what keeps you out of trouble. If I (you) would listen to it a lot more some of these things that we put ourselves in would end so differently.



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